Super Harvest Blood Moon

Tonight three special moon events occurred:

  • a total lunar eclipse
  • the Harvest Moon
  • and a Supermoon

In this image you can see a comparison between the partial phase of the eclipse (left) and the totality (right).

Bright Sunshiny Day

After a heavy rain shower with hail it suddenly cleared up and the sunshine came back creating this magnificent scenery.

Reflecting the Beauty of Iceland

No words can describe the feelings I had while I enjoyed this sunset and the reflection of the beauty of the Icelandic highlands in the small lake I had to cross with my car.

What are your feelings when you watch this scene?

Reflecting the Beauty of Iceland


Perfect reflection somewhere in the lonesome highlands of Iceland.


Inside the Glacier

This image was shot on the very last ice cave tour of the season 2014/15 with Aron from We went to Crystal Cave and I was amazed how much this cave changed since I’ve been there 3 months before. The part we have seen back then was completely gone and new parts of the cave came up.

Inside the Glacier

Sunset over the Harbor of Hamburg

I spent the last days in Hamburg and I had a great time. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful cities of Germany I’ve seen so far. Especially the south harbor with all it’s cranes, containers and ships is one of my favorites. When the lights turn on around sunset it becomes an even more amazing subject for photography and can be best seen from the ‘Michel’ (St. Michael’s Church).

Moonrise Over the Lighthouse

Last week a had a wonderful time on Mallorca. With a rental car I visited some parts of the not to big island with beautiful spots. This is one of them: the lighthouse at the Cap de Formentor in the nort-east of the island. A gorgeous coastline with numerous viewpoints.

This image is a digital composition. The moon and the clouds were inserted in post production with Photoshop to give the image this very special mood.

Rising Moon Over the Lighthouse

Good Morning Sunshine

I think it’s once again time for me to say Thank You to all my followers, plusers, sharers, commenters and everyone who show’s me his/her interest in my photographic work.


Golden Forest

Golden Forest

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