Happy New Year 2016

I wish you all the best for the upcoming year. May all your dreams and wishes come true. Stay safe and healthy and so may I.

This image shows the upper Belvedere in Vienna with the christmas market in front.

Happy New Year 2016

Glanzlichter Photo Competition 2015

I’m very proud to announce, that my image Waves in the Sand is one of the winning images of the Glanzlichter Photo Competition 2015 in the category Magnificent Wilderness.

The Glanzlichter Photo Competition is one of the biggest Nature Photo Competitions. Out of more than 21,790 submissions a total of 83 winning images were chosen in 8 categories. After several judging rounds the last 30 photos in each category were individually discussed and assessed.

The award ceremony will be at this year’s 17. Internationalen Fürstenfelder Naturfototagen from 14.-17. May 2015 in the event forum in Fürstenfeldbruck.

Happy New Year

I wish you all a Happy New Year with this short video clip from the New Year´s Eve fireworks in Reykjavík.

Expect the Unexpected

You should always expect the unexpected in Iceland. Although the forecast was not good the Aurora Borealis gave us an unbelievable beautiful show 2 nights ago.

It was very cold and windy when I started with Linda into the night. We traveled to one of my favorite mountains in Iceland, Kirkjufell (the church mountain), about 2 1/2 hours driving from Reykjavik.

We saw the first faint signs of Northern Lights through the clouds. After two hours waiting in the cold we could see the first stars on the sky. We gathered new hope and motivation while the last remnant clouds moved away. Over some time, the glowing green became stronger and the movements of the ghostly seeming structures became more dynamic.

Around midnight the Northern Lights began then to go completely crazy. I have never seen it before with this intensity and dynamic. It was so bright that even slight shadow on the white snow were visible even though the moon was not on the sky. We just felt very close to the nature and fulfilled with happiness and joy.

Aurora Gone Crazy

The last few days the auroral activity at the arctic circle was very high. A very fast CH HSS (coronal hole high speed stream) showed us some crazy Norther Lights. This image was shot two days ago near Reykjavík. You can see the glow of the town in the background.

Aurora Gone Crazy

Sunrise at Landmannalaugar

A lot has happened since my last post. I temporarily fixed my car and went back to Reykjavík, I had a great time with my parents who visited me for one week and also a great time with my sister and brother in law, who also visited me the week after my parents.

Time goes by so fast and now the highland is almost completely closed due to the upcoming winter and a lot of snow on the roads. This makes me a bit sad because actually I wanted to go back to the highlands once more this year. At least I have some very wonderful memories on my stays in Landmannalaugar one and two weeks ago.

I had to get up early in the morning and hike up a mountain called Blánúkur to get this shot. It was a very unique moment for me. When I woke up I thought that there are too many clouds for a great sunrise. Nevertheless I decided to try it and was finally rewarded for my efforts. On my way to the top of the mountain the sun broke through the clouds for about three or four minutes and bathed the land and the mountains around me in magical light.

Sunrise at Landmannalaugar

Natural Light Painting

Currently I’m stuck in Klaustur. The breaks of my car decided to strike and so I have to stay in this little village in south Iceland (also know as Kirkjubæjarklaustur) for at least two days. With 120 inhabitants it is nevertheless the biggest village between Vík and Höfn and has a car repair service.

This gives me some time to look through my pictures from the last days, including this shot from Jökulsarlón with Northern Lights and the reddish glow from the Holuhraun eruption on the other side of the Vatnajökull glacier. A very special and unique moment to me. We all know the amazing light painting techniques. But this is natural light painting at its best.

What do you think?

Natural Light Painting

Holuhraun Eruption

This is a first quick preview of the Holuhraun eruption in the center of Iceland. I had a great flight yesterday over the eruption area and it was just mesmerizing.

Holuhraun Eruption

Arrived on Iceland

After long and elaborate preparations in the recent weeks and months, I now finally arrived in Iceland and will stay here until the end of the year. Enough time thus to experience Iceland in all its beauty and show it to you through my pictures.

I especially look forward to the dark and cold time of the year which seems to me just charmingly from an photographic point of view – northern lights, ice caves, frozen waterfalls. We will see whether my hopes and expectations will be fulfilled. However, I´ll try to report my experiences and impressions as regularly as possible and hope you will like it.

Here is a first impression captured on my way from Reykjavík to Ísafjörður.

Road to Ísafjörður


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