Double Cluster

The Double Cluster is also known as h and Chi Persei. You can see them with the naked eye in the constellation Perseus if you have a dark sky.

Capture Dates
Telescope10″ Newton Reflector, 1250mm, f5
CameraCanon EOS 60Da
Duration5x300sec at ISO1600
Used Software
StackingAdobe Photoshop CC
Post-ProcessingAdobe Photoshop CC

Happy New Year 2016

I wish you all the best for the upcoming year. May all your dreams and wishes come true. Stay safe and healthy and so may I.

This image shows the upper Belvedere in Vienna with the christmas market in front.

Happy New Year 2016

Editor’s Choice in the Stark Magazine

I’m very proud to see my image ‘Defying the Sea’ published as Editor’s Choice in the latest issue of the Stark-Magazine.

Stark Magazine No42

Super Harvest Blood Moon

Tonight three special moon events occurred:

  • a total lunar eclipse
  • the Harvest Moon
  • and a Supermoon

In this image you can see a comparison between the partial phase of the eclipse (left) and the totality (right).

Bright Sunshiny Day

After a heavy rain shower with hail it suddenly cleared up and the sunshine came back creating this magnificent scenery.

Reflecting the Beauty of Iceland

No words can describe the feelings I had while I enjoyed this sunset and the reflection of the beauty of the Icelandic highlands in the small lake I had to cross with my car.

What are your feelings when you watch this scene?

Reflecting the Beauty of Iceland


Perfect reflection somewhere in the lonesome highlands of Iceland.