About Stefan Brenner

Stefan Brenner

Stefan Brenner is an award winning photographer and liquid artist from Vienna (Austria).

Born in 1983 in Neunkirchen (Austria) he made his first photographic experiences at the age of 6 with the Minolta XG1 of his father. Since then this passion follows him on every step and every stroke in his life. Nevertheless he decided to follow a non-photographic education and graduated at the HTBLuVA Wiener Neustadt (building construction). Afterwards he started to study Software Engineering at the Technical University of Vienna.

With the entry into digital photography and its unlimited possibilities in 2006 he centered his passion again in his life. In endless self-educated lessons he gained substantiated photographic knowledge and experience. In 2013 he started his own business as photographer in Vienna.

In 2011 Stefan captured his first waterdrop pictures and within no time he was extremely fascinated by this special field of high-speed photography. In many hours of hard work he improved his technique to perfectionism.

It is absolutely amazing for me to capture these fragile and extreme short-living and ephemeral sculptures, which cannot be seen by the human eye, and make them visible for the viewer.

Besides the artistic photography Stefan Brenner’s main topics are astrophotography as well as landscape- and travel photography. He traveled through many countries of this world and captured their beauties.

Special photographic interests:

Liquid Art (waterdrop photography), macro photography, travel photography, landscape photography and astro photography