Expect the Unexpected

You should always expect the unexpected in Iceland. Although the forecast was not good the Aurora Borealis gave us an unbelievable beautiful show 2 nights ago.

It was very cold and windy when I started with Linda into the night. We traveled to one of my favorite mountains in Iceland, Kirkjufell (the church mountain), about 2 1/2 hours driving from Reykjavik.

We saw the first faint signs of Northern Lights through the clouds. After two hours waiting in the cold we could see the first stars on the sky. We gathered new hope and motivation while the last remnant clouds moved away. Over some time, the glowing green became stronger and the movements of the ghostly seeming structures became more dynamic.

Around midnight the Northern Lights began then to go completely crazy. I have never seen it before with this intensity and dynamic. It was so bright that even slight shadow on the white snow were visible even though the moon was not on the sky. We just felt very close to the nature and fulfilled with happiness and joy.