South Iceland from Above

Last week I had a wonderful flight over large parts of South Iceland. It was so incredibly beautiful to see all the magnificent structures of Iceland from above.

Over several weeks I had appointments with a pilot but the weather was always to bad and we had to postpone the planned flight. Last week the wind turned from north to south, bringing a longer lasting beautiful weather period. So I met the pilot last Wednesday at 7:50 at the local airport of Reykjavík. After all the formalities were done, we started at 8:30 with a Cessna into the sunrise.

My most important goal was to see the glacial rivers of the Vatnajökull in southeast Iceland around 230km away from Reykjavík. On our way we came along the southern highlands with wonderful views over the already partly snow-covered landscapes. Only the pollution of the volcanic eruption at Holuhraun, which has now been blown by the wind to the south, clouded the view on the first part of the flight.

On the second half of the way to the Vatnajökull glacier the air became much better and we had a great view onto the structures of the glacier rivers underneath us. The images of these structures look almost like paintings and emanate tremendous power but still a huge calmness to me. It is always amazing to see natural wonders like these.

Because the glacier was not far away from us we decided to fly over Skeiðarárjökull, one of the many glacier tongues of the mighty Vatnajökull. The immense dimension of the biggest glacier of Europe and his awesome structures can only be seen from above. Scratch and crack covered ice as far as the eye can see. I was as much impressed by these structures as of those of the glacial rivers.

After three and a half hour flying around we safely landed in Reykjavík with many great impressions and three full memory cards. But my thoughts revolved only around one thing – to return to the unique structures of the Vatnajökull glacier and its rivers in southern Iceland.