Comet PANNSTARS C/2012 K1

Yesterday I had some time to process images of PANNSTARS C/2012 K1 I took on May, 19th 2014. This is my first comet and I think the result is not too bad.

At the time of capture the comet was in the constellation Ursa Major and had a magnitude of 9.6mag.

Additionally here is a short animation made of 10 images with 2 minutes exposure each at ISO1600, processed in Photoshop CC. This animation shows the speed of this comet on the sky. Therefore, capturing comets is a big challenge for every astro photographer.
(ATTENTION: It takes some time for the animation to load!)

Animation von Komet PANNSTARS C/2012 K1

Animation of comet PANNSTARS C/2012 K1

Capturing Dates
Teleskop10″ Newton Reflector
AufnahmekameraCanon EOS 7D unmodified
Aufnahmedauer10x120sec at ISO1600
Used Software
StackingAdobe Photoshop CC
NachbearbeitungAdobe Photoshop CC