New Layout, Design and Blog

Today I started a complete redesign and restructuring of my personal website and my portfolio website.

New Layout
First of all I changed the layout of this site to a modern, responsive but rather simplistic new layout. There are lots of things I wanna improve within the next days and weeks.

New Blog and Commenting Feature
The most important new feature is a blog section on my personal website where I will publish tutorials, tips & tricks, news, announcements and many more. I have so much things I wanna share with you not only on social media networks but here on my photography website. I hope you’ll like it. You’ll be able to leave me a comment with your thoughts, feedback but also with your questions of course.

Sharing the Content
You can also share my posts and pages with the social sharing tools you can find at the bottom of my posts and pages. Feel free to share them with everyone who may be interested.