Exhibition in the gallery time

My first exhibition this years will take place from 14th to 25th of April in the gallery time in 1180 Vienna.

The opening starts on the 14th of April at 7pm and is accompanied by vocal performance artist Edda Lahmann.

The exhibition can be visited from 14th to 25th April, Mo-Fr 5-7pm and Sa 10-12am.

You can find the gallery time at Martinstrasse 54, 1180 Wien.

I look forward to your coming!

Liquid Art Plakat

Photobook Icelandscapes on amazon

My photobook Icelandscapes is now also available for purchase on www.amazon.de including free shipping.

Come with me on a journey through diversified locations full of wild nature. Feel the breath of the Earth at the caldera of Krafla, experience the immense power of water at one of the roaring waterfalls all over the country, immerse into a surreal world of glittering pieces of ice at the black sand beach of Jökulsárlón, get in touch with unbelievable soft moss that covers whole lava fields and watch the most funny and clumsy creatures of Iceland – Puffins.

It would be very helpful if you could also review my book. With this Link you can directly review Icelandscapes on amazon.

Jupiter and Europa

After some trial and error I finally got my first image of Jupiter with which I’m very satisfied.

Jupiter and Europa

Jupiter and Europa

Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System and visible to the naked eye. He is one of the brightest objects in the night sky and was named after the Roman god Jupiter. With an approximate distance of 780 million kilometers, Jupiter is the fifth planet seen from the sun. For remembrance: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Jupiter has more than sixty moons. The largest are Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. They are also known as the Galilean moons, discovered by Galileo Galilei around 1610. They are easily visible with even low-powered binoculars.

A very prominent feature of Jupiter is the Great Red Spot. It is a giant hurricane (the largest hurricane in the Solar System) and is already visible through an amateur telescopes. In my image he is on the left side of Jupiter and very conspicuous because of his reddish color.

Due to the current opposition of Jupiter this won’t be my last image of Jupiter this year. Stay tuned for more images.

Capture Dates
Date 14/03/2014
Place Neunkirchen (Austria)
Telescope 10″ Newton Reflector
Mount NEQ6
Magnification 5x Barlow
Camera Scopium Planet Camera
Duration about 3 minutes
Used Software
Stacking AviStack2
Post-Processing Adobe Photoshop CC

Comments, feedback and questions are not only allowed, but encouraged!

Clear Skies!

Russian Orthodox Church

This beautiful church is very close to where I’m currently living. Last night I made a spontaneous photo tour to shoot some black and whites to improve my BW skills.

I hope you like it and wish you all a nice weekend!

Supernova SN2014J in M82

Last night I was finally able to take some pictures of the new supernova SN2014J in M82. The days and weeks before I had no luck with the weather.

Supernova SN2014J in M82

On January 21, a group of astronomy students discovered the new Supernova Type Ia in the irregular galaxy M82. This galaxy is located about 12 million light-years away from Earth in the constellation Ursa Major (Great Bear). Although M82 is a very popular object for amateur astronomers as well as for scientists, the supernova was almost a whole week long undetected.

By chance, I made a picture of M82 on December 28, thus about 2 weeks before the start of the supernova. Here you can see a comparison of the two pictures including a detail and inverted version.

Supernova SN2014J in M82

New Layout, Design and Blog

Today I started a complete redesign and restructuring of my personal website and my portfolio website.

New Layout
First of all I changed the layout of this site to a modern, responsive but rather simplistic new layout. There are lots of things I wanna improve within the next days and weeks.

New Blog and Commenting Feature
The most important new feature is a blog section on my personal website where I will publish tutorials, tips & tricks, news, announcements and many more. I have so much things I wanna share with you not only on social media networks but here on my photography website. I hope you’ll like it. You’ll be able to leave me a comment with your thoughts, feedback but also with your questions of course.

Sharing the Content
You can also share my posts and pages with the social sharing tools you can find at the bottom of my posts and pages. Feel free to share them with everyone who may be interested.