Icelandscapes Snowstorm

On my way to the Snæfellsnes peninsula two days ago I came into a very heavy snowstorm. It was really adventurous to drive the 200km from Reykjavík on the icy road with wind gusts up to 47m/s (170km/h) or even more.

Ending Day at Hvalnesfjall

After a wonderful day shooting a lot of beautiful Icelandic landscapes I enjoyed the Ending of the Day at Hvalnesfjall in South-East Iceland.

Ending Day at Hvalnesfjall

Rising Sun Over Reynisdrangar

It’s been a while since I posted my last picture. I’m very busy traveling around in the whole country shooting fantastic places. This one is located in south Iceland near Vík í Mýrdal. After a cold night sleeping in the car I had a great morning with a beautiful sunrise.

Rising Sun over Reynisdrangar

Aurora Gone Crazy

The last few days the auroral activity at the arctic circle was very high. A very fast CH HSS (coronal hole high speed stream) showed us some crazy Norther Lights. This image was shot two days ago near Reykjavík. You can see the glow of the town in the background.

Colors of Autumn

The last few days winter arrived in Iceland and finally the name of this wonderful country meets it’s expectations.

However, only a few weeks ago the whole country was dipped into beautiful autumn colors. This image was shot at Hraunfossar, which means Lava Waterfalls because the water streams out of the lava field behind it and falls into the Hvítá river beneath.

South Iceland from Above

Last week I had a wonderful flight over large parts of South Iceland. It was so incredibly beautiful to see all the magnificent structures of Iceland from above.

Over several weeks I had appointments with a pilot but the weather was always to bad and we had to postpone the planned flight. Last week the wind turned from north to south, bringing a longer lasting beautiful weather period. So I met the pilot last Wednesday at 7:50 at the local airport of Reykjavík. After all the formalities were done, we started at 8:30 with a Cessna into the sunrise.

My most important goal was to see the glacial rivers of the Vatnajökull in southeast Iceland around 230km away from Reykjavík. On our way we came along the southern highlands with wonderful views over the already partly snow-covered landscapes. Only the pollution of the volcanic eruption at Holuhraun, which has now been blown by the wind to the south, clouded the view on the first part of the flight.

On the second half of the way to the Vatnajökull glacier the air became much better and we had a great view onto the structures of the glacier rivers underneath us. The images of these structures look almost like paintings and emanate tremendous power but still a huge calmness to me. It is always amazing to see natural wonders like these.

Because the glacier was not far away from us we decided to fly over Skeiðarárjökull, one of the many glacier tongues of the mighty Vatnajökull. The immense dimension of the biggest glacier of Europe and his awesome structures can only be seen from above. Scratch and crack covered ice as far as the eye can see. I was as much impressed by these structures as of those of the glacial rivers.

After three and a half hour flying around we safely landed in Reykjavík with many great impressions and three full memory cards. But my thoughts revolved only around one thing – to return to the unique structures of the Vatnajökull glacier and its rivers in southern Iceland.

Bloody Sunrise in Reykjavík

Todays sunrise in Reykjavík was really special. Pollution from the eruption in Holuhraun turned the sun blood red and gave some unique colors to the sunrise.

Sunrise at Landmannalaugar

A lot has happened since my last post. I temporarily fixed my car and went back to Reykjavík, I had a great time with my parents who visited me for one week and also a great time with my sister and brother in law, who also visited me the week after my parents.

Time goes by so fast and now the highland is almost completely closed due to the upcoming winter and a lot of snow on the roads. This makes me a bit sad because actually I wanted to go back to the highlands once more this year. At least I have some very wonderful memories on my stays in Landmannalaugar one and two weeks ago.

I had to get up early in the morning and hike up a mountain called Blánúkur to get this shot. It was a very unique moment for me. When I woke up I thought that there are too many clouds for a great sunrise. Nevertheless I decided to try it and was finally rewarded for my efforts. On my way to the top of the mountain the sun broke through the clouds for about three or four minutes and bathed the land and the mountains around me in magical light.

Natural Light Painting

Currently I’m stuck in Klaustur. The breaks of my car decided to strike and so I have to stay in this little village in south Iceland (also know as Kirkjubæjarklaustur) for at least two days. With 120 inhabitants it is nevertheless the biggest village between Vík and Höfn and has a car repair service.

This gives me some time to look through my pictures from the last days, including this shot from Jökulsarlón with Northern Lights and the reddish glow from the Holuhraun eruption on the other side of the Vatnajökull glacier. A very special and unique moment to me. We all know the amazing light painting techniques. But this is natural light painting at its best.

What do you think?

Natural Light Painting

Holuhraun Eruption

This is a first quick preview of the Holuhraun eruption in the center of Iceland. I had a great flight yesterday over the eruption area and it was just mesmerizing.

Holuhraun Eruption

First Northern Lights over Westfjords

Last night I was able to experience the first Northern Lights on my Iceland trip over Ísafjörður in the Westfjords and photograph them.

After I read a short article about the first Norther Light sightings in Iceland the day before, I was gripped by the fever and studied the latest weather and Aurora forecasts. It turned out that the conditions for the upcoming night are very good.

The only problem so far up in the north is currently the sun, which doesn’t set very deep below the horizon. This time of the year there is just a nautical dawn (which means that the sun does not set more than 18° below the horizon) and the sky is thereby not absolutely dark.

Nautical Twilight at Midnight

Nevertheless, I prepared myself for my first Northern Lights hunting. I put my Camera with fully charged batteries and empty memory card (not the other way around ;)), my new fast wide-angle lens, a tripod, a remote release and a lot of patience into my bag. Around 23:30 the sky was still quite bright and you could just see a few bright star.

When I arrived at my observing site, I could see a great play of colors on the horizon. But not the colors of the Northern Lights, but the setting sun. I deeply enjoyed the moment. Only a few minutes later I let my eyes wander over the cloudless sky. But I could still see just a few brighter stars (Vega, Deneb and co.) and a flashing Iridium satellite. But suddenly I noticed a very faint slightly lighter ‘veil’ directly above me. I could not tell if it was a veil of clouds, or indeed the expected Northern Lights.

I immediately took out my camera and took a first test shot and … in fact, it was a first, very faint Northern Light. I could not believe it and was immediately under the spell of this fascinating natural spectacle. The minutes passed and the sky was getting darker. Now I could already see the brightest star constellations. And the northern lights were also getting brighter and more colorful.

Northern Lights over Ísafjörður

Northern Lights over Ísafjörður

Northern Lights over Ísafjörður

Northern Lights over Ísafjörður

Northern Lights over Ísafjörður

I watched the dance of colors for a long time and took some pictures. After about 1 1/2 hours I was getting a bit too cold and actually I was not completely healthy. Therefore I decided to go back home with many awesome impressions. I will have enough chances to experience the full power of the Northern Lights the next months of my Iceland trip.


Arrived on Iceland

After long and elaborate preparations in the recent weeks and months, I now finally arrived in Iceland and will stay here until the end of the year. Enough time thus to experience Iceland in all its beauty and show it to you through my pictures.

I especially look forward to the dark and cold time of the year which seems to me just charmingly from an photographic point of view – northern lights, ice caves, frozen waterfalls. We will see whether my hopes and expectations will be fulfilled. However, I´ll try to report my experiences and impressions as regularly as possible and hope you will like it.

Here is a first impression captured on my way from Reykjavík to Ísafjörður.

Road to Ísafjörður


Comet PANNSTARS C/2012 K1

Yesterday I had some time to process images of PANNSTARS C/2012 K1 I took on May, 19th 2014. This is my first comet and I think the result is not too bad.

Comet PANNSTARS C/2012 K1

At the time of capture the comet was in the constellation Ursa Major and had a magnitude of 9.6mag.

Additionally here is a short animation made of 10 images with 2 minutes exposure each at ISO1600, processed in Photoshop CC. This animation shows the speed of this comet on the sky. Therefore, capturing comets is a big challenge for every astro photographer.
(ATTENTION: It takes some time for the animation to load!)

Animation von Komet PANNSTARS C/2012 K1

Animation of comet PANNSTARS C/2012 K1

Capturing Dates
Datum 19.05.2014
Ort Neunkirchen
Teleskop 10″ Newton Reflector
Montierung NEQ6
Nachführung mGen
Vergrößerung -
Aufnahmekamera Canon EOS 7D unmodified
Aufnahmedauer 10x120sec at ISO1600
Used Software
Stacking Adobe Photoshop CC
Nachbearbeitung Adobe Photoshop CC

Moonrise Over the Lighthouse

Last week a had a wonderful time on Mallorca. With a rental car I visited some parts of the not to big island with beautiful spots. This is one of them: the lighthouse at the Cap de Formentor in the nort-east of the island. A gorgeous coastline with numerous viewpoints.

This image is a digital composition. The moon and the clouds were inserted in post production with Photoshop to give the image this very special mood.

Moonrise Over the Lighthouse

The Abandoned Power Station

This is one of my first images made with my brand new Octocopter from about 40m (120feet) altitude and I’m so happy with it. It’s so amazing to fly around with my Canon EOS 7D on board and take pictures from breathtaking perspectives.

I’m looking forward to my planned photo project Iceland from Above. I can’t wait to see this mesmerizing structures of glaciers, rivers, rock formations, …

The Abandoned Power Station

Good Morning Sunshine

I think it’s once again time for me to say Thank You to all my followers, plusers, sharers, commenters and everyone who show’s me his/her interest in my photographic work.


M106 Spiral Galaxy

At a distance of about 24 million light-years away from earth, Messier M106 is a spiral galaxy in the constellation Canes Venatici. It’s appearant dimensions are 18,6’ x 7,2’, and it shines at magnitude 8,3 mag.

Picture of M106 Spiral Galaxy

M106 Spiral Galaxy

Capture Dates
Date 29.03.2014
Place Neunkirchen
Telescope 10″ Newton Reflector
Mount NEQ6
Guiding mGen
Magnification -
Camera Canon EOS 7D unmodified
Duration 17x300sec at ISO3200
Used Software
Stacking Adobe Photoshop CC
Post-Processing Adobe Photoshop CC

Comments, feedback and questions are not only allowed, but encouraged!

Clear Skies!

Golden Forest

Image Golden Forest

Exhibition in the gallery time

My first exhibition this years will take place from 14th to 25th of April in the gallery time in 1180 Vienna.

The opening starts on the 14th of April at 7pm and is accompanied by vocal performance artist Edda Lahmann.

The exhibition can be visited from 14th to 25th April, Mo-Fr 5-7pm and Sa 10-12am.

You can find the gallery time at Martinstrasse 54, 1180 Wien.

I look forward to your coming!

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