Inside the Glacier

This image was shot on the very last ice cave tour of the season 2014/15 with Aron from We went to Crystal Cave and I was amazed how much this cave changed since I’ve been there 3 months before. The part we have seen back then was completely gone and new parts of the cave came up.

Sunset over the Harbor of Hamburg

I spent the last days in Hamburg and I had a great time. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful cities of Germany I’ve seen so far. Especially the south harbor with all it’s cranes, containers and ships is one of my favorites. When the lights turn on around sunset it becomes an even more amazing subject for photography and can be best seen from the ‘Michel’ (St. Michael’s Church).

Glanzlichter Photo Competition 2015

I’m very proud to announce, that my image Waves in the Sand is one of the winning images of the Glanzlichter Photo Competition 2015 in the category Magnificent Wilderness.

The Glanzlichter Photo Competition is one of the biggest Nature Photo Competitions. Out of more than 21,790 submissions a total of 83 winning images were chosen in 8 categories. After several judging rounds the last 30 photos in each category were individually discussed and assessed.

The award ceremony will be at this year’s 17. Internationalen Fürstenfelder Naturfototagen from 14.-17. May 2015 in the event forum in Fürstenfeldbruck.

My Iceland Adventure is Over

My Iceland adventure has come to an end (for now). I think back to the last six months with countless impressions and experiences and many new friends I gained on Iceland. It was a wonderful time and I’m so thankful for that.

The processing of the thousands of images will probably take me some months. My plan is to prepare a spectacular presentation, maybe another photo book and many other projects.

This is one of the many memories I love to think back. Myself surrounded by ancient glacial ice in the most unbelievable colors and structures.

Me and the Icecave

Happy New Year

I wish you all a Happy New Year with this short video clip from the New Year´s Eve fireworks in Reykjavík.

Expect the Unexpected

You should always expect the unexpected in Iceland. Although the forecast was not good the Aurora Borealis gave us an unbelievable beautiful show 2 nights ago.

It was very cold and windy when I started with Linda into the night. We traveled to one of my favorite mountains in Iceland, Kirkjufell (the church mountain), about 2 1/2 hours driving from Reykjavik.

We saw the first faint signs of Northern Lights through the clouds. After two hours waiting in the cold we could see the first stars on the sky. We gathered new hope and motivation while the last remnant clouds moved away. Over some time, the glowing green became stronger and the movements of the ghostly seeming structures became more dynamic.

Around midnight the Northern Lights began then to go completely crazy. I have never seen it before with this intensity and dynamic. It was so bright that even slight shadow on the white snow were visible even though the moon was not on the sky. We just felt very close to the nature and fulfilled with happiness and joy.

Icelandscapes Snowstorm

On my way to the Snæfellsnes peninsula two days ago I came into a very heavy snowstorm. It was really adventurous to drive the 200km from Reykjavík on the icy road with wind gusts up to 47m/s (170km/h) or even more.